Vision: We exist to awaken people to live lives of abundance.

Mission: People are empowered to make wise decisions, collaborate effectively and amplify value – a financially conscious world.

Our values: Accountability, bold, simplicity, community.

Our Instructors & Sales Partners

Stéphanie Descôteaux, Regional Advocate

Stéphanie Descôteaux DFA-BSS, CPB participated in a Colour Accounting™ Workshop in 2010 and was immediately struck by how useful this would be for her clients. She had founded Digits & Decimals Inc, a professional managerial accounting company in 2001, and Calculated Approach Consulting Inc, a business accounting coaching and training firm. Her passion was always on educating clients, improving systems and making sure her clients used the numbers she provided for them to be successful in their businesses.

She is based in Vancouver, BC and leads the workshops in English or French.
(778) 998-3963 or US line (202) 925-1351
Calculated Approach Consulting Inc.

Sam Weller

Sam Weller CA MBA has been a Chartered Accountant for 40 years, working in public practice, industry and local government. He is passionate about having people learn the skills they need to be successful. He has taught at the University of Victoria, Chartered Accountants School of Business and the Government Finance Officers Association.

He lives in Victoria, BC and travels extensively to lead workshops.
(250) 598-6871

Sandra Herriot (Sales Partner)

President, Riot Productions Inc/The Global Experience
Toronto, Ontario



Peter Frampton

Peter Frampton is one of the inventors of Colour Accounting™. He and his team began a quest in the 1990s to find a better way to teach accounting.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia. He lives in Switzerland and travels often to Africa, U.K. and the U.S., teaching at banks, law firms and not-for-profit organizations. He’s on the adjunct faculty of American University, Washington DC, where he teaches on a Social Entrepreneurship program.

Mark Robilliard

Mark believes understanding how money, and the basics of how business works, is a fundamental human right. “We need that understanding to make better-informed decisions, in life and at work. And yet that understanding is dependent upon a notoriously difficult to learn a language called accounting.”

Mark was the National Training Manager for one of the biggest accounting firms in the world, where he met Peter Frampton and decided to ‘build a better mousetrap’ and ‘fix’ accounting education so everyone can understand how to use financial information. He is based in Wisconsin, U.S.