Great course and content! Puts the confusion of accounting into laymen’s terms.

Mark Van Ek
Clay Construction Inc.

Fantastic value for the money. Will tell everyone I know.

Rob Fournier
Fournier Auto Group

This was the most fun way to educate and learn about accounting. Very simple and visual way to get everyone in your organization on the same page.

Troy Felix
Mercury Contracting

Very unique and helpful course. I wish this was taught in my business degree program!

Katie Alexander
Long Life Windows & Doors

Excellent workshop, helped take the mystery out of accounting.

L. Stacey

Excellent workshop for anyone with any level of accounting knowledge from none to MBA!

Dr. Kim Tsang

Take this workshop BEFORE you start your business, it will make it more profitable!


I highly recommend this workshop. It was informative and made accounting accessible and fun!

Sarah Nyrose

This workshop gave me a better understanding and control in my small business, so I can effectively make wise business decisions to grow my business.

K.M., Doctor

Don’t let accounting shake you, let yourself control accounting.

L. Lawrence

Excellent course, I will recommend!

F.A. Campbell

Colour Accounting has given me a deeper understanding of accounting, clarity into why it can help my business, and the motivation to tackle my books.

Gregg Sayer

Colour Accounting opened my eyes to the world of accounting without the terminology (at least initially).

B. Sampson

The workshop is a great way to learn about the concept of accounting without getting overwhelmed by the numbers.

If you are new to business or want to understand the financial side of your business this is a great workshop.

Melanie Buffel
Money Coach Canada

Color Accounting was a fun and engaging way to learn the foundation elements of business accounting.

Having no accounting training, I was surprised by how simple the material was to understand due to the creative and visual examples and exercises.

Sara Gundermann
Small Planet Canada ULC

Good workshop with room to discuss topics that can be hard to grasp.

Albert Rooks, CEO
Small Planet Canada ULC

This was great! A good tool for those new to accounting or for people who use it daily

Nicole Allport, Quality Assurance Manager
Simpson Seeds Inc.

Great to learn in a visual way and understand the business cycle

Elyce Simpson Fraser, Director of Marketing & Business Development
Simpson Seeds Inc.

Good visual aids to help understand Balance Sheets, Income, Expenses & Equity

Greg Simpson, CEO & Founder
Simpson Seeds Inc.

Simplified and clarified the basics of accounting for the next generation successors in a family business

David Bentall
Next Step Advisors

Accounting is more fun now!

I’m actually excited to dive into my books with my bookkeeper and accountant.

Christy Nguyen, CEO/Founder
Urban Bella Marketing

This course calmed my nerves and even gave me a little inspiration.

Which is a huge step for me. Thank you Stéphanie and A.C.A.

Peter Ellington

It gives me an idea of what to look for…in our financials when planning spending.

Saima H.

[Colour Accounting] has the advantage of showing how accounting works visually.

We all tend to see problems and relationships more easily visually, so the [Colour Accounting] approach takes advantage of how we learn most effectively.

As such, I believe that it is of value to anyone who is interested in understanding how accounting works (from high school students to undergrads to MBAs to business executives).

Paul Healy, James R. Williston
Professor of Business Administration, Head of Accounting & Management Unit, Harvard Business School

I can now read and interpret a Balance Sheet and Income Statement! I just loved the green and yellow boxes, what an exciting way to learn Accounting!

Stella, HR Legal

Who knew that accounting could be fun?

Accounting Comes Alive is a simple and fun way to understand how bookkeeping works and how to use the numbers to make wise business decisions.

Frédérique Niel
Que Sacco Web Design and Marketing

I have done many ‘finance for non-financial managers’ courses. The multi-sensory ‘Colour Accounting ‘ approach is far superior because it makes you understand how accounting really works. Excellent !

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