Colour Accounting in Municipal Government

When I came across “Colour Accounting” in 2013, I was intrigued; but not sure if it would work for government accounting. All the examples in the workshop were for private sector entities and small business.
I called Peter Frampton, co-founder of the system and he told me: “The basic accounting principles apply to all entities. […]

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The Gold Standard In Accounting Education

“Accounting is the language of business, and you have to learn it like language. You can’t be comfortable in the country if you aren’t comfortable with the language. To be successful at business, you have to understand the underlying financial values of the business.” Warren Buffet
We couldn’t agree more with legendary investor Warren Buffet.
Accounting […]

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Accounting Comes Alive For Songhees First Nation

I see the financial statements; but I have no idea what they mean!” How often have we heard that refrain? First Nations have very complex financial statements according to Chartered Accountant, Sam Weller, of Accounting Comes Alive: “The full statements are often 60-100 pages. On top of the normal taxation and service functions of […]

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Language Gives New Life To Accounting

THE accounting literacy movement may not sound very revolutionary, however it is regarded as a breakthrough in the way people “talk” accounting. The main aim of the movement is to focus on the language of accounting and to communicate the correct use of terms.
If accounting is approached as a language it will become accessible […]

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Accounting Language Not Relevant Anymore

The language of accounting has not been updated in 500 years – and, according to Peter Frampton of Color Accounting International, businesses are failing because of it.
“The words we use to describe fundamental accounting concepts, like ‘income’ and ‘expense’, were used by 15th-century Venetian merchants to describe trade in physical goods like silk and […]

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